Anger: The Unpopular Emotion

It’s considered a good thing in our culture to show emotions, to be emotionally connected, for tough men (and women) to have an emotional side and so on… except when it comes to the emotion of anger. We are less tolerant of displays of anger now than at anytime in our history. With recent federal laws in place, one good “blow up” and you could be sitting in the back of a squad car in no time.

Re Think Your Brain

Re Think Your Brain

Men and women are regularly ordered into 52 week anger management classes. I know because I teach those classes and understand how humiliating it can be to let friends and colleagues know you are in anger management.

People in anger management classes are usually there because they want to be, most are not there on a judges order. Also, people in anger management for the most part are not angrier than anyone else; however they are more sensitive to the damage their “anger style” can do. When one has an anger style that no longer fits in our culture or no longer “works” in our life situations, it’s time to find a better way to express that anger

Anger Monkey Anger Solutions believes that many painful, volatile emotions that result in outbursts or simply too much anger for too long can be solved and in most cases healed.

• Core Issue Identification
• Control Self Talk
• Increase Empathy
• Adjust Perspectives
• Lower Expectations
These are the five areas I deal with.


About B.F.C.

What has caused me the greatest pain has become a great gift and comfort to others. A lover of theology and philosophy who also teaches anger management. I don't think out of the box... for me there is no box. I am a rebel and always ask "Who sets the rules? A rebel in our culture.. has empathy, compassion and understanding for those who are "hand cuffed" by shame and made to feel they don't fit in and never will. Wisdom and love are often counter intuitive to the flow of the culture, If that is the case, I don't think I want to fit in. "When you aint got nothin.... You aint got nothing to lose" ~Bob Dylan
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